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cHub011-Small Beginnings Are HUGE!!!

– Are you frustrated while trying to reach a particular goal?
– Are you about ready to quit on your dream because it seems so far away?
I have a suggestion that will put you back on track and help you see how where you are IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT and you are missing out on the REAL PARTY;…small beginnings. Come on, let’s take this journey together.

There is a bible verse in Zachariah 4:10 that says “Do not despise these small beginnings…” The overall premise behind this bible verse is to say “Wait a minute, don’t turn your nose up at small beginnings because everything BIG comes from something small”

– Every human being is created from a small thing call a sperm
– Every fruit and vegetable is created from a small thing called a seed.
– Every home is built on concrete which is made with small items such as water, sand and a special powder called Portland cement

You’re missing the party, when you don’t appreciate the how something BIG got its start. Think about how we feel when someone we know becomes famous and only celebrates other famous people and never not one time stops to appreciate those who helped him get started, or the person who gave you the money to start that $Million dollar business you now own? Most people would resent that person and call him/her ungrateful…

Why should Celebrate Milestones/Small Beginnings
1. As Humans, we are called to GROW! “Anything that doesn’t grow eventually dies” Every milestone/win affirms an accomplishment or one more thing to check off our list. AND when you acknowledge how far you’ve come it feels better than how far you have to go.

2. GROWTH is nourished by encouragement – “Small is where BIG comes from”

3. Reminds us to give ‘thanks’ for the journey. I’m a HUGE proponent of GRATITUDE. Gratitude and Depression cannot occupy the same space, You cannot be depressed or frustrated and thankful and grateful at the same time…IMPOSSIBLE.

4. It removes the anxiety from focusing on what you DON’T HAVE! You experience discouragement when you tally up where you are with where you want to be; you’re focused on what you don’t have (the goal), instead of what you do have. That’s like being upset with having $500 when your goal is $1000.00.

how to celebrate milestones

  • Call a friend
  • Use social media to your advantage, please love a good success story
  • Get out of your routine and celebrate in a different scene . The change of environment help you focus and be in the moment.
  • Commemorate the moment – You must do some sort of action that’s like a memorial to the accomplishment.

Small Beginnings are HUGE, and never forget to celebrate them as you pursue your goals and dreams. So right now, take a minute to look how far you have come, you started at zero and look at what you have now, feel it, appreciate it, and be proud of it knowing you so much closer…Do not despise the day of small beginnings, because SMALL BEGINNINGS ARE HUGE.

Remember to Live, Love and Laugh…

Jeff Robinson

cHub010-(part2) Just Get Started Please? Time to End Procrastination!!

Do you ever ask yourself: “Why do I keep procrastinating when I know it causes me so much anxiety?” You know what you need to do, but you don’t do it, or you wait until the last minute. And, time and again, the pattern repeats itself. Today we’re going to finally get FREE from the grip of procrastination. In episode ten, which is part 2 of a 2-part series on procrastination, I share how I finally overcame the bondages of Procrastination. Come on, let’s take this journey together…LISTEN TO THIS WEEK’S EPISODE!!!

Side note, this episode was originally called: “Just Get Started Please? How I FINALLY overcame the BONDAGE of Procrastination”, but I changed it after it was recorded so you may hear references to the original title in the podcast!

Let’s GET TO IT!!

In episode ten (part 2) I go deeper into my personal experiences and address other reasons for procrastination as I offer practical tips that helped me be able to (1) work a full-time job where I travel 90% of the time, at the time of this recording, (2) I’m currently pursuing my Doctorate Degree, (3) I have a bi-weekly schedule for creating this podcast, (4) I have begun my own company and (5) have fun along the way. So let’s stop procrastinating and get to it…

Let’s be honest, ALL OF US PROCRASTINATE, but Why? Does it mean something is wrong with us? Can it be hereditary? There’s a science dedicated to the study of procrastination and I wanted to share some really great information from the experts that I believe will free you from the bondage of procrastination. But most of all the tools I plan to share with you help free me from the internal anxiety that was ALWAYS going on within me when it came to getting things done!

Dr. Joseph Ferrari did an article for the American Psychological Association on the “Psychology of Procrastination: Why People Put Off Important Tasks Until The Last Minute” I wanted to share some of his interview responses. Click above to listen to cHub010-(part2) Just Get Started Please, Time to end Procrastination”

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Remember to Live, Love and don’t forget to Laugh…

cHub007 – Blame vs Responsibility

“So, when someone comes at you in anger — even if you have done something to intentionally harm or hurt them – their anger is theirs, not yours. You may have provoked it, but you can’t own it because it’s not yours in the first place. If it’s not yours, you can’t reasonably blame yourself, for it. Of course, you can, and should be responsible to it, and that responsibility then breeds accountability, which promotes clear, clean and balanced communication with both ourselves and others…” (Formica, 2019)

When we allow ourselves walk and live in Blame, we are basically saying “I AM bad” or “Something is wrong with ME”. However, when we walk in Responsibility, we are saying “I DID something bad” or “Something I did (or said) was wrong”, there is a difference that we must understand in order to live our best lives and have healthy interactions with others.

Check our Episode cHub007 – “Blame vs Responsibility” for ways how to life free from the ‘Blame-Game’ and mature as a person of ‘Responsibility’

See some of the reference links: .

  • https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/recognizing-the-distinction-between-blame-and-responsibility.html
  • https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/enlightened-living/201003/taking-responsibility-versus-taking-the-blame

cHub006 – Your Neighborhood Watch, it’s not what you think!

Let me ask you a question: – WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? DO YOU KNOW THEM? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO? ARE YOU AWARE OF HOW THEY CAN IMPACT YOUR LIFE? The neighborhood I’m referring to is not so much about the family two-doors down the street, but the people around you. I’m referring to the people you chat, text, talk with the most, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? It’s time to do a ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Your Neighborhood Watch, it’s not what you think

The National Neighborhood Watch website defines a neighborhood watch as people living in the same area who want to make their neighborhood safer…reduce crime and improve their quality of life…” (taken from https://www.nnw.org/what-neighborhood-watch)

To improve YOUR quality of life you must do a Personal Neighborhood Watch; assessing the people around you, taking notice of how they currently impact your life. The intention of a Personal Neighborhood Watch is to be clear about where the people in your life stand with you and you with them, so that you can set proper expectations, reduce disappointments and see clearly the type of relationships that are in your life. Your ultimate goal for doing a Personal Neighborhood Watch is to “…Improve YOUR quality of life”

4 Stages (Categories) of Friends (There are 5, but I focus on 4)

  • 4) – Acquaintance/Associate –
  • (3) – Casual Friend – This is the person who can say “Yeah, I know you”
  • (2) – Close Friend – This is the person who can say “I Understand You”
  • (1) – Intimate Friend – This is the person who can say “I am CONNECTED to you”

Take the time to do a ‘Personal Neighborhood Watch’ to assess the people in your life; are they pushing you to be better or are they just as insecure as you are? Do they remind you of your dreams and push you to pursue them or do they remind you of ways ‘It will never work’? Be sure to listen to the podcast for coaching and breakdown of the 4 stages/categories for friends.

The Stages of Friendship article was taken from: https://humans.media/stages-of-friendship

Remember to Live, Love and don’t forget to Laugh…

Thanks for listening to The Cultivation Hub; “Let’s take this journey together…”

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