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cHub009–(part1) Why Do We Procrastinate? 9 questions to a solution!

Have you ever wondered why you’re such a procrastinator? Do you feel that it’s just who you are? Do you accept this will never change and you’ll always be stressed over getting things done? This episode is part of a 2-Episode series on procrastination that I believe with help a lot of people. Come on, let’s take this journey together…LISTEN TO THIS WEEK’S EPISODE!!!

I for one was a BIG procrastinator and was always stressed about things left undone. In this two-part series, I share some of the research and my personal experience as to why we procrastinate and how we can be free from the bondage of procrastination. This episode, episode one, I will discuss WHY we procrastinate and get down to some root causes; we’re going to take a quiz in this episode. Because I know from experience that until you understand WHY you do a thing, you’ll never know how to stop doing a thing.

In episode two I go deeper into my personal experiences and address other reasons for procrastination and I offer practical tips that helped me be able to work a full-time job where I travel 90% of the time, at the time of this recording I’m currently pursuing my Doctorate Degree, I have a bi-weekly schedule for creating this podcast, I have begun my own company and have fun along the way. So let’s stop procrastinating and get to it…

I found an article from psychology today that lists 9 quesitons you must ask yourself in order to get down to the root of why you procrastinate. 9 questions that will help you find the source of your anxiety that makes you put off things or even keeps you from pursuing your dreams. Check out this article below:


Remember to Live, Love and don’t forget to Laugh…

Thanks for listening to The Cultivation Hub; “Let’s take this journey together…”

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