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cHub007 – Blame vs Responsibility

“So, when someone comes at you in anger — even if you have done something to intentionally harm or hurt them – their anger is theirs, not yours. You may have provoked it, but you can’t own it because it’s not yours in the first place. If it’s not yours, you can’t reasonably blame yourself, for it. Of course, you can, and should be responsible to it, and that responsibility then breeds accountability, which promotes clear, clean and balanced communication with both ourselves and others…” (Formica, 2019)

When we allow ourselves walk and live in Blame, we are basically saying “I AM bad” or “Something is wrong with ME”. However, when we walk in Responsibility, we are saying “I DID something bad” or “Something I did (or said) was wrong”, there is a difference that we must understand in order to live our best lives and have healthy interactions with others.

Check our Episode cHub007 – “Blame vs Responsibility” for ways how to life free from the ‘Blame-Game’ and mature as a person of ‘Responsibility’

See some of the reference links: .

  • https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/recognizing-the-distinction-between-blame-and-responsibility.html
  • https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/enlightened-living/201003/taking-responsibility-versus-taking-the-blame

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