cHub006 – Your Neighborhood Watch, it’s not what you think!

cHub006 – Your Neighborhood Watch, it’s not what you think!

Let me ask you a question: – WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? DO YOU KNOW THEM? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO? ARE YOU AWARE OF HOW THEY CAN IMPACT YOUR LIFE? The neighborhood I’m referring to is not so much about the family two-doors down the street, but the people around you. I’m referring to the people you chat, text, talk with the most, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? It’s time to do a ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Your Neighborhood Watch, it’s not what you think

The National Neighborhood Watch website defines a neighborhood watch as people living in the same area who want to make their neighborhood safer…reduce crime and improve their quality of life…” (taken from

To improve YOUR quality of life you must do a Personal Neighborhood Watch; assessing the people around you, taking notice of how they currently impact your life. The intention of a Personal Neighborhood Watch is to be clear about where the people in your life stand with you and you with them, so that you can set proper expectations, reduce disappointments and see clearly the type of relationships that are in your life. Your ultimate goal for doing a Personal Neighborhood Watch is to “…Improve YOUR quality of life”

4 Stages (Categories) of Friends (There are 5, but I focus on 4)

  • 4) – Acquaintance/Associate –
  • (3) – Casual Friend – This is the person who can say “Yeah, I know you”
  • (2) – Close Friend – This is the person who can say “I Understand You”
  • (1) – Intimate Friend – This is the person who can say “I am CONNECTED to you”

Take the time to do a ‘Personal Neighborhood Watch’ to assess the people in your life; are they pushing you to be better or are they just as insecure as you are? Do they remind you of your dreams and push you to pursue them or do they remind you of ways ‘It will never work’? Be sure to listen to the podcast for coaching and breakdown of the 4 stages/categories for friends.

The Stages of Friendship article was taken from:

Remember to Live, Love and don’t forget to Laugh…

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  1. Wonderful podcast and such sound advice! I have really enjoyed listening to the Cultivation Hub. May God endow you with even more wisdom, knowledge and understanding – especially since you don’t mind sharing it with others! Be blessed.

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