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cHub005 – It’s Time To Win, Using the Formula (E+R=O)

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Where you are RIGHT NOW is a direct result of a previous reservation or appointment you’ve made. Whether it’s your finances, your marriage, the current friendship and relationships you have (good or bad), if it’s your weight or your career, education or lack thereof; it’s all because of a reservation you made years ago, months ago, and even weeks ago. I want to introduce you to an equation or formula that is so simple, yet profound in how it has transformed the lives of millions of people and I am going to share it with you. Come one, let’s take this journey together…

I wanted to share an equation or formula with you that is so simple and honestly it’s not NEW, but this equation was constructed in a way that made me really take a look at my life and realize that I need to change my ‘Reservations’ or ‘Responses’ if I wanted a better Outcome. The equation is E + R = O; which means: E = Events, R = Your Response, O = Outcome

What most of us blame the EVENT for our OUTCOME. “I was born poor”, “My mother never said I Love You”, “My dad abandoned me”, “It’s because of my skin color”. What we have to realize is in order to get the Outcome you desire you have to change your RESPONSE. Again, E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome) your Response is the ‘Reservation’ you’ve made that I spoke about earlier.

Here are a few thoughts I want to share regarding the Life Formula “E+R=O”:

  1. Understand that EVENTS will happen, these are out of our control. (Car trouble, childhood issues, Job, relationships, etc.)
    1. All events are initially ‘Neutral Events’; they don’t get life until we assign a meaning to it.
    1. How we assign meaning to events is through our internal beliefs
  2. We are 100% in control of our RESPONSES, and our RESPONSES ALWAYS determines our Outcomes
    1. Reactions are not the same as a RESPONSE. A Reaction is a conditioned (or pre-programmed) response, something that tends to happen automatically, sometimes without even knowing it. (I share my experience of how I reacted to someone disagreeing with something that I felt was important)
    1. What I noticed is a ‘REACTION’ usually manifests itself within your body. Pay attention to feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, etc.
    1. Reactions are ALWAYS rooted in a story we’re telling ourselves about that situation or a certain group of people, or a belief we have subscribed to (they don’t love me, they don’t respect me)
  3. Outcomes are always determined by the “R” factor of the Life Formula

When we focus on the ‘R-Factor’; the RESPONSE, our entire life will change and we will LIVE in the ‘O’ or Outcomes we desire. So remember the winning “Life Formula”, that says E(Event) + R(Response) = O (Outcome). Thanks for taking this journey with me!

Jeff Robinson
Host, “The Cultivation Hub” Podcast
CEO, ‘The JRob United Group’

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