cHub001 – Welcome to Cultivation Hub

cHub001 – Welcome to Cultivation Hub

cHub LogoWelcome to Cultivation Hub with Jeff Robinson; who, what and why?

Cultivation Hub is the first digital media content produced under my new company “JRob United”. You can learn more about JRob United and all of the other organizations by visiting my website at

For those of you who don’t know who I am, maybe you were recommended this podcast by a friend or relative:

  • A little bit about me:
    • Many of you may know me as the Founder and Host of the I.M.A.C. Conferences, an educational and performance platform for National and Independent Christian and Gospel Artist. I.M.A.C. is still going strong
    • I am a native of Chicago, who grew up with very humble beginnings.
    • An I.T. Professional with over 20 years experience
    • I have an entrepreneurial background consulting small businesses and faith-based organizations
    • I have over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry doing radio, tv and music with some of the best and worst in the industry
    • I am a Host, Teacher/Trainer, and Life Coach
    • But most of all, I am a ‘People Person’, a Resource who is passionate about creating platforms that serve as a hub for personal growth and human potential.
    • Being able to help people and entities first SEE then reach their potential and live their best life is an adrenaline rush for me.

So with that said, welcome AGAIN to “The Cultivation Hub”, a podcast filled with conversations that Inspire and Educate individuals and communities to own and live up to their highest potential.

Here’s what you can expect from The Cultivation Hub podcast:

  1. Motivating stories of hope, strength and tenacity that will inspire you to WIN
  2. Thought-provoking commentary, practical Teaching and Coaching from the most influential minds in Business, Spirituality, and Personal Development
  3. Interviews and Knowledge Transfer
  4. And we’ll have some FUN!!!


"The JRob United Group" is an Multinational media, consulting, and Service Organization designed to Add Value to individuals and organizations through Education, Inspiration & Entertainment "The JRob United Group" contains organizations that range from for-profit, to non-profit, & offers a range of services to include Coaching, Training, Public Speaking, Management, Media Creation, Business Consulting, Personal Development and more...

17 thoughts on “cHub001 – Welcome to Cultivation Hub”
  1. Excellent presentation! Wow… We’ve been waiting for you! Thank you for gifting us with quality sound and information. We need this!

  2. Congratulations Jeff on launching this AMAZING new platform that will capture soo many of your various gifts into a central place for the masses to benefit from as they grow and succeed from all of your wisdom ! Very happy for you and looking forward to the next phase of your expansion !

  3. Jeff provides insight that is both practical and easy to understand with stories and quick go to points. He has a confident and smooth voice of assurance. You walk away feeling inspired and uplifted. His wealth of life knowledge and experience is apparent and so is his genuine desire to see the best in others. I celebrate Jeff in this adventure and I’m looking forward to his future offerings. -KB

    1. Keith, thank you for coming on board as a listener. I value your comments and I am happy that what I’m doing is helpful.

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