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cHub002 – 8 Ways To Live A Life with NO REGRETS

There is no greater pain than the pain of Regret! Regret can cause you to stay locked in your homes, cause you to never love again, never laugh again, and in the case of Dr. Maya Angelou, never speak again. It’s time we learn how to Live a Life with NO REGRETS…let’s take this journey together…

Today’s episode is: “8 Ways To Live A Life with NO REGRETS”

There are so many people living in such misery because of mistakes made, or things that may have happened to them or maybe they got that way as a result of a circumstance they had no control over. I mentioned in the opening that Dr. Maya Angelou once lived in regret, yeah can you believe that? One of the greatest poet, and writers in the world was once in bondage over regret to the point she did not speak.

[The Story of what happened with Dr. Maya Angelou – http://www.achievement.org/achiever/maya-angelou/]

I wanted to share 8 ways, I believe you can live a life with NO REGRETS

#1 – Follow your gut Instincts – I think one of the biggest reasons many people are living with regret is because they failed to follow their instincts. You know that ‘thing’ or feeling you have about a person,place or thing? That pull at your entire being that says “Hmmm, I’m not sure this is a good decision”. There are people right now who have shut themselves out from other people and society in general because regret that could have been avoided had they followed their instincts.

#2 – Follow your Dreams –

#3 – Learn the power of NO –

#4 – Don’t take life so seriously

#5 – Be True to Yourself – When we deny any part of our authentic self, we die a little death on the inside. Our uniqueness makes us who we are. By being true to ourselves, we also give everyone else permission to do the same

#6 – Be Adaptable – How many times have we missed opportunities because we were adamant that OUR WAY was the only way. When you tried someone several times and it doesn’t work, or you’re not getting the full end result you envisioned, then be adaptable and take a difference approach. Keep changing your approach until your desired outcome is realized.

#7 – Practice Forgiveness –

#8 – “Leave Nothing Unsaid” –

Jeff Robinson
Host – “The Cultivation Hub” Podcast
CEO/Founder – The JRob United Group

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cHub001 – Welcome to Cultivation Hub

cHub LogoWelcome to Cultivation Hub with Jeff Robinson; who, what and why?

Cultivation Hub is the first digital media content produced under my new company “JRob United”. You can learn more about JRob United and all of the other organizations by visiting my website at www.jrobunited.com.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, maybe you were recommended this podcast by a friend or relative:

  • A little bit about me:
    • Many of you may know me as the Founder and Host of the I.M.A.C. Conferences, an educational and performance platform for National and Independent Christian and Gospel Artist. I.M.A.C. is still going strong
    • I am a native of Chicago, who grew up with very humble beginnings.
    • An I.T. Professional with over 20 years experience
    • I have an entrepreneurial background consulting small businesses and faith-based organizations
    • I have over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry doing radio, tv and music with some of the best and worst in the industry
    • I am a Host, Teacher/Trainer, and Life Coach
    • But most of all, I am a ‘People Person’, a Resource who is passionate about creating platforms that serve as a hub for personal growth and human potential.
    • Being able to help people and entities first SEE then reach their potential and live their best life is an adrenaline rush for me.

So with that said, welcome AGAIN to “The Cultivation Hub”, a podcast filled with conversations that Inspire and Educate individuals and communities to own and live up to their highest potential.

Here’s what you can expect from The Cultivation Hub podcast:

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