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cHub008 – Why People Fail at Weight Loss feat. Terrell Perry

According to a 2019 press release by, 73% of people who set fitness goals as a new years resolution give up on them [].

Have you been part of the 73%? I know I have. This episode is “Why People Fail at Weight Loss” and I’ve got a special guest, Terrell Perry who is going to help us understand why we fail and give us tools to succeed.


Listen to my interview with Terrell Perry. Terrell is a 48 year old Health & Fitness Professional with over 10 years success in nutrition and weight loss. Terrell also possesses the top four certifications for Personal Trainers in Health and Fitness.

In this episode, Terrell breaks down his certifications, explains why over 73% of people fail at Weight Loss, and provides us tools to be SUCCESSFUL this time around!

Some of the resources mentioned during this interview

Terrell Perry is the founder of SSP Fitness, LLC. Contact Terrell Perry at:

  • Facebook Page – @sspfitnessllc
  • Website –

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  1. Tina Norman February 25, 2019

    OMG! You look amazing! I would love to work out with you. The information was great

  2. Vanessa Edwards-Jones February 26, 2019

    Thanks for this interview. It helped put things into perspective in regards to how a certified personal trainer can help me to achieve my goals even with my physical limitations. I am still on my living a healthy life journey that I began January 2019. I won’t give up!! Thanks again for an awesome interview!

    • JRobWebAdmin March 7, 2019 — Post Author

      Vanessa your comments are very uplifting and it lets us know we are on the right path. I will pass this information along to Terrell as well.
      Thank you so much!!!

    • JRobWebAdmin March 7, 2019 — Post Author

      Cultivation Hub wants to hear from You! Click the link to share your testimonial with the us-

  3. Paris March 13, 2019

    This interview was very informative. I appreciate knowing the difference between a trainer and a lifestyle nutritional fitness instructor. I love your interview skills! Thank you for not talking over your interviewee. Lastly, I’m glad that you had Terrell elaborate on things the listener may not have known. For example, the degrees he mentioned in the beginning of this episode; you interjected and had him explain each certification. I realized that is this a lifestyle change and not just a seasonal one.

    Thank you soooo much,


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